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KFP1204-2001-7F picture
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Manufacturer / Brand: FOXCONN FIT
Desc.: SMP Plug For SMT RF Connector
Series: SMP Connector
Quantity Available: Over 648100 pieces

Datasheet for KFP1204-2001-7F:

KFP1204-2001-7F datasheet
Price for KFP1204-2001-7F
Product Parameters
  • Manufacturer Part Number : KFP1204-2001-7F
  • Manufacturer : FOXCONN FIT
  • Description : SMP Plug For SMT RF Connector
  • Product Family : RF Connector
  • Product Series : SMP Connector
  • Product Name : SMP Plug For SMT RF Connector
  • Status Available : Active
  • RoHS : RoHS-6 Compliance
  • PCB Mount Style: SMT Type
  • Lead Time (Week): 8
  • Standard Packing Quantity (pc): 10800
  • Other Part Number : KFP1204-2001-7F
  • Shipping methods : DHL FEDEX UPS TNT EMS
  • Delivery Time : Ship within 1 day.
  • Manufacturer Production time : 2-4 weeks (Normally have stocks)
  • Weight : 0.005KG
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